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For over one hundred years, the Boy Scouts of America has prepared young people for life through some of the most outstanding leadership and growth programs available nationally. Whether it’s camping, hiking, community outreach or building remote controlled robots, Scouting offers exciting programs designed to inspire, build character and instill the values that boys and girls need to succeed today.

We offer programs for girls and boys ages 7-21. Scouting programs foster and strengthen self-confidence, ethics, respect for others, academic skills, and leadership abilities that stay with them their entire lives.

The Overland Trails Council serves youth in 66 counties covering 42,132 square miles of central Nebraska. The headquarters is Grand Island, NE with a service center in North Platte, NE.

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Klondike Derby 2019

This year’s Klondike Derby is titled Yeti Adventure.

The activities will be named and centered on a theme of a group of adventurers in search of and/or being chased by Yeti. Yeti is a mythical creature also called the “Abominable Snowman” that is fabled to be found in the Himalayan Mountains. What “Sasquatch” or “Big Foot” is to North America, Yeti is to Asia.

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Kearney Area Give Where You Live

WE NEED YOU! Kearney Give Where You Live is coming up on Dec. 6th. HOWEVER, the first organization (starting Nov 1st) to get 50 unique donors to donate $50gets and extra $1050!! And a chance to win even more if we have the biggest increase over last year!! WE CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THAT!! You DO NOT need to wait until Dec 6th. Make your donation TODAY to help us get into first place now! https://www.givewhereyoulive.net/boyscouts

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