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For over one hundred years, the Boy Scouts of America has prepared young people for life through some of the most outstanding leadership and growth programs available nationally. Whether it’s camping, hiking, community outreach or building remote controlled robots, Scouting offers exciting programs designed to inspire, build character and instill the values that boys and girls need to succeed today.

We offer programs for girls and boys ages 7-21. Scouting programs foster and strengthen self-confidence, ethics, respect for others, academic skills, and leadership abilities that stay with them their entire lives.

The Overland Trails Council serves youth in 66 counties covering 42,132 square miles of central Nebraska. The headquarters is Grand Island, NE with a service center in North Platte, NE.

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Tri-Ball for Scouting

Tri-Ball is a round robin style tournament where every team plays 9 games, playing on every section of each court, playing every team at least once, and never standing off court more than two games. Concessions available on site. Cash prizes for winners based on total number of entries. This event is open to the public and all proceeds benefit Overland Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America. Continue Reading

A Clarification on the Tiered Pricing for Camps

We know that a lot of you are confused about the tiered pricing, and we realize that we didn’t present it in a manner that makes the program’s intent clear. We apologize for the confusion.

As many of you already know, the camp operations are putting a strain on the council’s financial resources, and the tiered pricing idea was borrowed from church camps in the area as a means of raising a little extra revenue from families that can afford it. Continue Reading

Boy Scout Golf Classic at Dismal River

Enjoy a great day of golf in the Sandhills on one of golf’s premier courses, and help support Scouting in Western Nebraska.

You can do both by signing up for the Boy Scout Golf Classic.  The event is scheduled for Thursday, June 7, at Dismal River Golf Course, 83040 Dismal River Trail Road, near Mullen, Nebraska.  By participating you help support the camping and outdoor programs of the Overland Trails Council, B.S.A. Continue Reading

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