Pint Wood Derby


Since 1953, one of the major highlights of the Cub Scout year is the Pinewood Derby. Cub Scouts and their parents work together to design and create a vehicle out of a block of wood. Once the car is completed, the scouts race against each other.

Now, it is your turn. Teams and individuals get a chance to race cars for all the bragging rights. This event will not be any fun without competition. Now is the time to challenge your friends and business competitors to race. They built cars and bragged about them in the past, demand they step up and prove their car design abilities again!

 All proceeds from this fun event will support the character-building programs of the Overland Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America.

Cost is $50 per entrant, which gives you:

  • Pinewood Derby car kit to build your fastest car
  • One free drink from Kinkaider at the event