A Clarification on the Tiered Pricing for Camps

We know that a lot of you are confused about the tiered pricing, and we realize that we didn’t present it in a manner that makes the program’s intent clear. We apologize for the confusion.

As many of you already know, the camp operations are putting a strain on the council’s financial resources, and the tiered pricing idea was borrowed from church camps in the area as a means of raising a little extra revenue from families that can afford it.

The intent of the tiered pricing is that most campers will pay Tier C. It is the tier that compares to other camps in the region and is our traditional “base fee”. You are in no way obligated to pay more than the Tier C rate. Your child’s experience at camp will be the same regardless of which tier you pay.

Tier A is a much higher rate, but it represents the actual cost per camper per session, which includes food, utilities, staff salaries, program supplies, equipment, facilities maintenance, staff training, and camp promotion. Tier B is the halfway point between Tier C and Tier A. WE DO NOT EXPECT ANYONE TO PAY MORE THAN TIER C. It is completely voluntary to pay Tier B or A, and we hoped it would give families that have the financial means a way to help us out a little bit more.

We don’t want a troop or a boy to not attend camp over this confusion. If you have a Scout or are a Troop that wants to attend Boy Scout Resident Camp, but didn’t sign up because of the tiered pricing, please contact Tyson Coble 308.382.7214 or tyson.coble@scouting.org. We are willing to extend early bird pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you for your continued support of Camp Augustine.