Family FOS Gold Star Program


Supporting Friends of Scouting will benefit your unit throughout 2018 and beyond.

Gold Star Benefits

  1. FREE rank advancements
    • Cub Scout Packs: Lion Cub, Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light cloth patches and pocket certificates (does not include Arrow of Light medal).
    • Boy Scout Troops: Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, 1st Class, Star, Life, and Eagle cloth badges and pocket certificates.
    • Venture Crews: since there are no cloth Rank Advancements, $100 will be placed in your unit account.
  2. 10% off all other scout shop purchases, excluding awards
  3. 2% additional popcorn commission
  4. Free Leader Specific, Outdoor Leader Skills, and BALOO training for all leaders in your unit
  5. Free shipping and postage on all items from the scout shop

To Qualify

To qualify, your unit must achieve its Friends of Scouting goal.  The goal is $50 per Scout based on the June 30th, 2018 membership.  The Gold Star benefits will go into effect as soon as your unit qualifies, and will be in effect until your 2019 presentation or March 31st, 2019, whichever is earliest.  To achieve the popcorn incentive, you must achieve your goal by June 15th.

Units may call upon businesses or community givers to meet its goal, but must clear those contacts in advance with your district executive.  Contacts worked without the district executive’s approval will not be counted toward your goal.