Klondike Derby 2019

This year’s Klondike Derby is titled Yeti Adventure.

The activities will be named and centered on a theme of a group of adventurers in search of and/or being chased by Yeti. Yeti is a mythical creature also called the “Abominable Snowman” that is fabled to be found in the Himalayan Mountains. What “Sasquatch” or “Big Foot” is to North America, Yeti is to Asia.

Through a series of demonstrations of Scouting skills, teamwork and  games, your patrol will be tested to see if you can survive and live to tell the story of your encounter with Yeti!

Practice all your winter survival skills and come ready with your sled to have a great time.

If you are signing up for Klondike at Camp Augustine, and would like to camp Friday or Saturday night, please reserve your campsite or cabin through the camp reservation system.