Klondike Derby 2020

Eastern Klondike (Scouts BSA)

Camp Augustine

January 11, 2019

Western Klondike (Scouts BSA)

Whispering Cedars

January 17-18, 2019

Webelos Klondike

Camp Augustine

January 25, 2020


Youth Adult
Early Bird $16 $8
Regular $26 $18
Late $36 $28

Camping and Cabins

Eastern Klondike (Camp Augustine)—Camping is optional Friday night as well as Saturday night. Many troops camp one or both nights. Campsites cost $2 per night per person and cabins cost $40 per night. Visit http://bit.ly/campaugustinereservations to reserve a campsite or cabin(s).  Campsites and cabins are first-come, first-served.

Western Klondike (Whispering Cedars) —Camping is included with the event both Friday and Saturday night for no additional charge.

Webelos - Regular Klondike vs Webelos Klondike

This year, we added a special Webelos only Klondike. This event is meant to be a fun day of competition between Webelos and Arrow of Light dens in age-appropriate events.

Arrow of Light youth who are planning on crossing over to a troop are still able to attend the regular Klondike with a troop. They must be integrated into a troop’s patrol, and a Webelos den cannot compete on its own.

The Webelos Klondike events will be run by Scouts BSA troops

Leader's Guide

All the information about the program, including events and packing list are in the Leader’s Guides.