OA Dues


Why pay dues?

The biggest reason to pay dues is to remain an active member of the lodge. As an active member, you will have the opportunity to become a Brotherhood or Vigil Honor member, help with official service projects, receive our newsletter “Buffalo Tracks”, run for official positions, seek leadership opportunities within the Lodge, and much more. You should know that the lodge also supports many other activities that are part of our mission to provide service to others. For instance, we provide staffing for many council and district events. We also use dues to pay for camp improvements and support other programs. All of the programs supported by the lodge are identified and voted upon by the Lodge Executive Committee.

Your dues help us remain a vital part of the Overland Trails Council. So, please support your Lodge.

How much are dues?

Dues are $15. That’s barely over $1 a month!

When do my OA dues expire?

OA dues expire annually on December 31.

What if I haven't paid dues in a few years?

No problem. We do not collect any back dues. Just pay your current dues and your membership is considered active.

What do I get from paying my dues?

Paying your dues allows you to wear the OA sash and lodge flap on your uniform to show your membership in the OA. You also are able to attend a number of fantastic events such as Fellowships, Section Conclave, Lodge Leadership Development Conference (LLD), and the annual Lodge Banquet!

What do my dues go towards?

A portion of your annual dues is sent to the National Office to help fund youth leadership travel and provides money for scholarships. Annually, we contribute funds to the Overland Trails Council for worthy projects at Camp Augustine.