OA Hackathon 2019

Calling all Arrowmen!

All members of the Order of the Arrow, regardless of technical skill, are invited to attend the 2019 OA Hackathon. This hackathon will focus on enabling Arrowmen to integrate technology and problem solving to meet new and evolving needs as the Order of the Arrow continues into its second century. This year, attendees can sign up for one of three different tracks based on their skill set, ensuring that they will be placed with others at similar levels of expertise. Registration is open now!


Every Arrowman, including you!


2019 OA Hackathon with Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced tracks


June 26th-30th, 2019


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


$295 registration fee, $30 late fee after May 1st


Have no experience, but still interested? No worries, everyone is welcome to attend the 2019 OA Hackathon. Novice delegates will focus on experiences and learning new skills, both in technical and in leadership aspects. They will compete in an innovative display and have the opportunity to earn merit badges and possible requirements for Nova and Supernova awards.


Intermediate delegates will spend half of the program gaining technical and leadership skills and then will compete against each other in a typical “hackathon”. Delegates will be challenged in a 24 hours competition to solve a problem through technological efforts to mitigate a real-world issue within our organization. These Arrowmen should have some exposure to computer programming before arrival.


Advanced delegates will work together in teams made with varying technical knowledge to brainstorm and develop innovative technical solutions. This will be the more typical hackathon program, as delegates challenge each other to help develop solutions to assist lodges around the country. Arrowmen participating in this track should have experience in coding in multiple programming languages.