Using the Parent Portal for summer camp and MBU registrations

Parent portal allows you, the registration contact, to provide the parents in your unit with access credentials so they can complete data entry for their scouts. Here is how it works:

  1. First click the “Use Parent Portal” checkbox, which automatically generates a set of login credentials for each attendee on this registration.
  2. Next click the “Parent Portal Credentials” button, which generates a report showing each set of login credentials. This report can be printed on Avery 5395 labels or to standard paper and cut into cards.
  3. You give parents one card or label for each of their attendees. For example, if you’ve registered 30 Boy Scout Youth and 15 Adult Participants and you have a parent who is attending with his two sons, you will give that parent two cards labeled Boy Scout Youth and one card labeled Adult Participant.
  4. That parent will use his cards to access each of his attendees through the Parent Portal, where he will be able to update data entry fields such as name, rank, dietary requirements, etc. He will also be able to update or view class and merit badge schedules if you choose to allow that.
  5. Once a parent has accessed the portal for one attendee, he will be able to enter credentials for additional attendees and link them together. He must have multiple access cards and enter the credentials for each one in order to link them.
  6. If you, the registration contact, want to prevent parents from choosing or changing class and merit badge selections, uncheck the “Allow Parent Portal class selection” checkbox below. Parents will be able to change attendee data entry fields such as name and rank, but will only be able to view class and merit badge selections. Only you will be able to choose or change class and merit badge selections.
  7. If you do allow parents to change class or merit badge selections, you will be prompted with another checkbox that allows you to be notified via email when a parent has made changes to their class or merit badge selections.
  8. Check the “Send me a registration summary email” checkbox to receive a summary email showing amount paid and data entry status. Use the days checkboxes to determine which day(s) you want to receive the summary email. The email will show the payment status and required data entry field status for each attendee. For example, if first and last name are required fields and an attendee has not completed those, you will see that it has not been completed yet.
  9. Note: To print Avery labels – make sure your print settings don’t have “Fit to Page” checked, this will adjust the print layout and it won’t match up with the labels.


Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Parent Portal?

As the registration contact, you may be registering an entire unit of boys for Summer Camp and the council requires a certain amount of information from each boy (such as name, rank, dietary requirements, etc.). If you don’t use Parent Portal then you have two options: enter all this information yourself, or allow your parents full access to the registration by giving each one your registration number and email address. The latter opens up privacy concerns because each parent can see the information for all the other scouts. By using Parent Portal, you are shifting this data entry to the parents while also only allowing a parent to see their own scout’s information.

Will I still be able to access the registration if I choose to use Parent Portal?

Yes, your access is identical whether you are using Parent Portal or not. You will still be able to access the registration and make changes to attendees or add new attendees.

Speaking of adding attendees, can a parent add an attendee through Parent Portal?

No. Parents cannot add new attendees to the registration. Only you, the registration contact, can add new attendees. If a parent wants to add additional attendees, you’ll need to give them an additional access cards, one for each attendee. If you don’t have any remaining because you’ve given them all out, you can add new attendees to the registration and then regenerate the access cards.

What if I gave out a parent an access card but have since found out that scout isn’t going so that parent won’t be using the card. How can I assign this scout to another parent?

On the bottom of your Parent Portal screen is a “Reset Parent Portal credentials” section. Each attendee is listed, along with their name, password, and a “Clear data-entry and reset password” button. Click this button when you want to assign this attendee to another parent – the attendee information will be cleared and the password reset.

After resetting, be sure to print a new access card for this attendee. Click the “Parent Portal Credentials” button to generate new cards. All cards will be generated, but only those that have been reset will have changed since the last time you clicked this button.

Class schedule is an exception to the reset. Class schedule is not removed from the attendee.

Why isn’t class schedule cleared when I reset an attendee?

At many camps there are certain merit badges that are more popular and fill up quickly. If this scout has already reserved spots in a merit badge that is now filled to capacity, you may want to transfer that spot to another scout. By clearing the class schedule, this spot would become available to any other unit and your unit could lose it.

Therefore, if you reset an attendee, you still have the chance to move his merit badges to another attendee or keep them on this same attendee once a new parent claims him.

What if a parent has multiple scouts? Can they use a single card?

No and yes. No, because you must give them one card for each of their scouts. However, once they access the system for their first scout, they will be able to link additional scouts using their additional cards. And once linked, accessing Parent Portal using any of their cards shows all their scouts on one screen.

I have adults attending too? Can they be accessed through Parent Portal as well, or is this only for parents to access their scouts?

Yes, adults are accessed through Parent Portal too. It’s called Parent Portal because it will primarily be used for parents to manage their scouts’ details at unit-level events such as summer camp. But it works the same way with adults. For example, a family may have an event where Dad, two scouts, and a non-scouting sibling are all attending, and Mom has shown up at the meeting where you’re passing out the access cards. You would give her one Adult card, two Scout cards, and one Sibling card.

Do I need to choose the passwords for the parents? How do I generate the Parent Portal access cards?

This is all done automatically for you when you click the “Parent Portal Credentials” button. Clicking the button generates a PDF that prints 8 cards to a sheet of paper. Simply cut the sheet into cards and pass them out.

The PDF is formatted to Avery 5395 label stock. If you want to print the cards to Avery 5395 labels, you must ensure your printer settings are NOT set to “Fit to Page”, as this alters the formatting.

How do I know if the parents are using their access cards?

Check at least one day under the “Send me a registration summary…” section and you will receive an email on those days containing two things: each attendee’s payment status (so you can see that payments are being applied), and a summary of required data fields that have not been entered. So if first and last name are required and John Jones has not completed those yet for his sons, you will see that information.

When a parent applies a payment they receive an email confirmation, and you will automatically receive a copy of this email as well.

I don’t want my scouts picking their own merit badges. Can I lock this down and still use Parent Portal?

In some units the scoutmaster will first discuss which merit badges the scout should be taking this year and allow them to sign up for those. In other units the scout will make his selections but the scoutmaster wants to review them and make changes if necessary. In other units the scoutmaster wants to allow the scout to see the selections, but only the scoutmaster can make the selections. You have all these options when using Parent Portal.

Do not check “Allow Parent Portal class selection” is you want to be the only one who can make the selections. Your parents will be able to see your selections but can’t change them.

Conversely, if you do check this option, then you have the option of being notified by email when a parent makes his selections.

How does “Email me when classes are changed through Parent Portal” work?

By checking this box, you will receive an email approximately one hour after a parent has made class changes. One hour was chosen because a parent may make multiple changes – this gives them time to complete all their changes and then you receive a single email. It is generated for class adds and changes, but it won’t be generated if a parent only removes classes.